Christ the King in the NEWS on Valentines’ Day


Christ the King Parish in the News:

Expressions of love by Cardinal Pacelli Students
Cardinal Pacelli Students expressed love during the week of St. Valentines’ Day in more than one way this year. Mrs. Schwendeman’s second grade class began the week making decorative boxes that would be used to collect their Valentines, and on February 14th the children celebrated their friendships by trading Valentines and having a party. On the following day, a few of these same students celebrated Mass with Fr. Ed Smith at Marjorie P. Lee Retirement Community, and expressed love to the residents by assisting with the Mass.

“Having the children read and serve the Mass brings such joy to the residents at Marjorie P. Lee. They never get tired of seeing the little ones and adore when the children go around and shake their hands at the sign of peace.” (Father Ed Smith)

Cardinal Pacelli Students are given the opportunity to assist Fr. Ed Smith, Pastor of Christ the King Church in Mt. Lookout, with the Wednesday Afternoon Mass on the third Wednesday of each month.