Eighth Graders Present Capstone Projects


Eighth Graders Present Capstone Projects

Cardinal Pacelli’s eighth graders engaged in a final service project that drew upon their best thinking, organizing, researching and speaking skills. Katie Dupler, the seventh and eighth grade Language Arts teacher, wanted to end the year with a project that students would have complete ownership over. “The Capstone Project allowed every child to exhibit their unique skills while helping the greater community,” she said. Students had to identify a problem affecting society and then devise a means for ameliorating it.

Michaela S. created a brochure to help people using services like Uber to feel safer. It occurred to her that riding with a stranger could raise anxiety in some people, so the brochure presents ideas for ways to get to know the driver better.

Audrey P. initiated a shoe drive. Her goal was twofold: to collect used shoes for disadvantaged people while diverting waste from the landfill. In her research she discovered that many people in third-world countries suffer foot infections as a result of not having shoes to wear. She collected about 150 pairs and is donating them to Matthew 25: Ministries.

JJ B. used a program called Appypie to create a free smart phone app to help people locate stops along the Cincinnati Streetcar Route. It also enables users to share their location to make it easier to meet up with others.

Each student had an adult coach to help him through the process. When asked about his favorite part of the Capstone, eighth grader Luke B. said, “Working with my coach, Ms. Christo. She helped me through every step and especially the reflection at the end.” The reflection—a final written analysis—was required of all students at the project’s conclusion. On May 18, the eighth graders gathered in the Pacelli gym to present their efforts to the school community.