The Pacelli Village Project

A new project is in the works to address long-standing issues with the athletic field and playground area behind the school. It is called The Pacelli Village Project, and its goal is to transform this outdoor area into a more dynamic and functional space. Upgrades will include a synthetic turf field, outdoor learning space and interactive play set. We know how important outdoor play is to a child’s growth and development, and The Pacelli Village will be that place where students can be active and have fun. 

The Saturday Night Adult Party held on June 26, 2021 officially unveiled the project and raised over $13,000 for the plan. As of today, verbal or pledged commitments for roughly 75% of the anticipated $700,000 project budget have been made. We thank our early supporters and encourage you to consider donating to this transformative project.  

We believe this investment will contribute to a bright future for our school and parish. Please click HERE to learn more about The Pacelli Village Project.

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