Thank You from the Turkey Brigade!

Thanks to 28 hard-working volunteers, 10 strong CPS boys, and 62 generous donors, the Christ The King annual Turkey Roast broke all previous records and delivered 55 (over 1000 lbs.) deliciously roasted Turkeys to the Queen City Kitchens for Holiday meals feeding several hundred needy people. “THANK YOU” to all who participated. It was a great effort by all members of the TURKEY BRIGADE and each one of you played a very important role in this worthy cause.

Sue & Andy Boehm, Clint & Karen Dorger, Christina Finke, Richard Jefferys, Sharon Weckel, Clare Whitaker, Eddie Winter, Tom McCloy, Mike Dowling, Charlotte & Bob Miller, AD Cash, Art Fischer, the Pattons, the Gloecklers, the Koenigs, the Burkes, Mary Persinger, the Palermos, the Evans, Tom & Juanita Wittekind, Nancy Pater, the Greg Fisher Family, the Petrocellis, Fr. Ed, Joan Hilton, Emmy Waterkotte, Sean Talty, Barb Rohs, Sandy Case, the Andersons, the Glasers, the Loefflers, Jan & Pat McNerney, Dottie Ciok, the Ryans, the Sampsons, Anonymous, Theresa Bruemmer, the Solomons, the Anellos, the Burnstocks, the Schwendemans, the Paulys, Mariann Fehr, the Gerwes, the Hoskins, the Bohmans, the Wimbergs Clare McHugh, the Lampings, the Kammerers, the Kilfoils, the Kreilings, the Burks, John & Ryan Conners, the Worralls, the Barretts, Bessie Farrell. The Emmerts, Betsy Buchannon, the Deans, Patsy Grote, Carol Macgregor, the Gruessers, Ellen Mitchell, Anne Selzer, the Volmers, the Sieves, Christi Pucci, Debbie Siegert, Sue Morrissey, the Maertz, Susan Hoffman, Don Harvey, Rodney Thiemann, Shannon & Jackson Sherrard, the Wengers, Don Saelinger. THANK YOU ONE & ALL.


Delivery of the turkey to Queen City Kitchen.


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