Pentecost Sunday

One of the hardest instruments I have ever learned, and I am still a beginner, is the violin. Everything else I play has frets and does not require bow technique. I know what it would take to get better, time and practice, but there is no need, all the groups I play with have amazing fiddle players so mine mostly sits in my instrument room not played.

Each of us are temples of the Holy Spirit, instruments in God’s hands. But unlike my violin, in the lives we lead, we choose to let the Holy Spirit’s influence move us or not. Like my violin it means we need to set aside time to play and practice.

What would your life look like if you allowed the Holy Spirit to move you where God wills? Would you be taking on a ministry at the church or in the community?  Would you be an evangelist reaching out to your peers and family members that no longer come to Church?  Would you become the prayers warrior that you have always wanted to be? S

If something is holding you back, maybe fear, maybe you don’t feel adequately prepared.  What the Apostles learned today is that if we trust God, the Holy Spirit will be there to help. It’s a prayer I often say when going into a tough situation or want to be sure that I mirror God to someone sacramentally, “Lord help me be your instrument, Holy Spirit help me rely on You for the right thing to say.” In prayer and study this week spend time learning about the Holy Spirit.

Come Holy Ghost, creator blest, and in our lives take up thy rest!

Fr. Adam

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