27th Sunday in Ordinary Time – October 2, 2022

How do we pray? When I was teaching high school, many of the children that no longer went to Church had long ago stopped praying. You see to pray and not receive an answer in the way you want or the timing you want can turn people away from God. But God is not some genie that grants us wishes; our prayers have to line up with His plan and are always answered in His time.

Are we fostering a relationship with God, our what we think He should be? It takes time to strip ourselves of the notion that God’s will and timing are usually not our own. The good news is that there is profound and real love waiting for us, we just have to practice patience in our faith.

Our Gospel today I think is an amazingly subtle lesson. Do we come into Church expecting God to be so pleased that we are here, that heavenly gifts are showered upon us? Or do we understand that worship is something we owe God in our relationship?

May the Love, Peace and Grace of God be with You,
Fr. Adam

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