Thank you for attending the JuneFest Gala! It was wonderful night of bourbon, friendship and fun! Thanks to your support, we raised over $100,000!
We wish to acknowledge the great work done by our Gala Committee: Jessica Esterkamp, Michelle Weinrich, Missy Collins, Kathy Dorger and Kara Rybolt. 

We extend special recognition to Bronson Trebbi for the use of his home and for donating the food from Walt’s Hitching Post. Thank you to Chris Stagnaro and Jason Esterkamp for delivering and donating all the beverages. We are very grateful to Dr. Jason and Anne Murray for contributing the rare bourbon basket!

It takes an army of volunteers to make an event like this happen. Thank you to the following individuals: Brian Burke, Mike Burke, Terra Burke, John Collins, Krista Crea, David Dorger, Mike Duncan, Peggy Duncan, Stacie Clayton, Allison Corcoran, Katie Grefer, Colleen Houston, Katie Kleeman, Lily Kukulski, Peg McCarthy, Bob McElroy, Brent Messmer, Amy Mueller, Anne Petrocelli, Tony Petrocelli, Heather Redpath, Julie Robers, Chris Rose, Shannon Rose, Liz Rouse, Ryan Rybolt, Jamie Schwendeman, Matt Schwendeman, Angie Smith, Megan Stacey, Megan Stagnaro, Anna Trebbi, Melissa Veith, Sarah Veith, and John Weinrich.
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