How do we react to God’s invitation to follow Him in our lives? For some it is a dramatic shift in who they are and how they are living, for others it requires a sacrifice of a dream that doesn’t align with God’s calling. It is very obviously not your first interaction with God, it presupposes a relationship of trust, or at the very least an acknowledgment that “there is a God, and I am not Him” (from the priest in the movie Rudy).

Jesus’ claim in the Gospel is that the Kingdom of God is at hand, one of the few phrases I remember form my Greek classes years ago (Basileia tou Theou). This Kingdom is being proclaimed here and now, Jesus is the Kingdom of God personified, every word is spoken with the authority of God, every action is accomplished through Divine Power, the claim is fulfilled immediately. This is the power that called to the apostles in our Gospel today, not earthly, but heavenly. This is the calling that demanded the sacrifice of the security of their livelihoods and inheritance.

This is the struggle every vocation has to discern to figure out who God is calling us to become. Every priest I have known in talking about God calling them to the priesthood experienced it slightly differently, responded to it in a timing that allowed their hearts to accept God’s august calling. It is also true when talking to married couples about how and when they knew this was the person to walk through this life with to the goal of Heaven.

God calls us to leave this world’s values behind and follow Him. Do we have the courage not only to answer His call, but walk towards eternity every day we live it out?

May the Love, Peace and Grace of God be with you,

Fr. Adam

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