Please forgive the departure from my normal format for the pastor’s letter. I wanted to first thank so many of you for praying for me and the gifts of soup and food while I recover from gall stone and gall bladder surgery. I am back at praying the Mass. I am not pushing it, so no genuflecting for now. It has been a journey for sure, but I am getting stronger.

I also wanted to take a moment and say thank you to some people we will no longer be seeing around. Trevor has built an amazing program musically at St. Rose. Over the past ten years he has been a stalwart advocate for beautiful and sacred music. As he leaves for another opportunity, we have found someone to take over the reins. Her name is Stella and I hope she continues to reach for the high mark Trevor has set.

There will also be a change of Principals for our school, Cardinal Pacelli. Mrs. Cento will be leaving after a term of nine years. In that time, she has upheld the academic excellence the school is known for. We are currently searching for her replacement and have a wonderful candidate in mind.

Daniel, our seminarian intern, has finished his formal internship with us. You may still see him around this summer as he works on his dissertation for seminary. Starting next school year he will be back at the seminary completing his final two years of studies and, God willing, being ordained to the priesthood two years from now. Please keep him in your prayers.

Finally, Fr. Komo will be leaving us. It has only been a year, but he has done such great work here. We are committed to continuing the momentum of the men’s group he has started, and we wish him all the success as he takes on his first Pastor’s assignment in Springfield, Ohio.

It is a difficult task to take on five parishes so please keep him in your prayers.

His replacement will be Fr. Jeremy Stubbs, a newly ordained priest for our diocese. Please keep him also in your prayers as he begins his priesthood with us.

This is a lot of change even for me, but I trust that the Lord is guiding us through this time.

May the Love, Peace and Grace of God be with you,

Fr. Adam Puntel

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