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Parishioners are requested annually to prayerfully consider their financial contribution for the upcoming year.  Pledges are accepted in full, monthly, semi-annual and weekly installments. Unless you designate otherwise, contribution envelopes will be mailed to your home.

Sunday Contributions in Our Family of Parishes: Did you know that if you are visiting another parish in our family and you drop your donation envelope in the basket, it will be returned to us and vice versa? 

Our Lord Christ the King church subsidizes Cardinal Pacelli School. Tuition charges cover approximately 65% of the cost of educating a student; the remaining is provided through the generous contribution of the parish.

Parishioners often ask what amount they “should contribute.” The answer varies according to circumstances. However, traditional tithing recommends 10 percent of annual income. Click here for more information.

Many individuals and families opt to make contributions through an automatic credit card or bank account deduction plan called “WeShare.” This innovative program provides a budgeting tool for parishioners and minimizes parish postage costs. To learn more about WeShare, or to sign up, click here.

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