“Faith Talks” is an Adult Speaker Series for Christ the King Parishioners and our community.  A variety of topics and speakers are presented.

Refreshments are served beginning at 6:45, followed by the talk at 7:00 pm

Healing a Divided Nation – Tuesday, February 19

Presented by Fr. Dave Endres
How did Catholics Respond to and participate in the Civil War? Cincinnati was divided by slavery and sectionalism as the nation moved toward war. However, after the first shots were fired, many Catholics united to maintain the Union. Learn about the inspiring service of Cincinnati’s soldiers, chaplains and sisters that helped heal a nation gripped by war.

The Art of Christ’s Passion – Thursday, April 4

Presented by Dr. Cecilia Dorger
For centuries artists have depicted Christ’s passion and death. As Our Savior hung on the cross he uttered some of his most important messages. Join us as we explore his final seven phrases and the masterpieces that captured them. We’ll also experience a walk down the Via Dolorosa through painting and sculpture as we contemplate powerful Lenten images.