Parish Council

Left to right, Brian Albanese, Lily Kukulski, Tom Keitel, Gigi Robison, Fr. Ed Smith, Sharon Weckel, Tim Craft, Nancy Pater, John Brannock and Tom Brinkman.

Parish Council is similar to a board of directors. It acts as an advisory group. Members share responsibility to help the pastor in decision-making, and assist in the development of programs and activities. Parish Council’s role includes review of the annual budget, parish fundraising and events. Decisions are almost always by consensus, with formal votes rarely taken.

Two men and two women are discerned to serve a four-year term; a person of each gender is discerned every spring and another pair completes their terms of office. Parish Council is also comprised of representatives from the Catholic Education, Finance and Operations, Social Action, Worship and Parish Community Commissions. Parishioners are welcome to attend monthly meetings.

Parish Council Members:

  • Father Ed Smith
  • Tim Craft, president
    John Brannock
    Lily Kukulski
    Tom Brinkman, Sr.
    Gigi Robison
    Sharon Weckel
    Brian Albanese