Come Adore the Eucharist
We will hold Eucharistic Adoration in the Church from 9 am until Noon every Friday. SIGN UP FOR ADORATION Benediction is held before the Eucharist is placed back in the Tabernacle at about 11:50 am.

What is Eucharistic Adoration? – It is the recognition and honoring of the special presence of Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist.  The consecrated host is displayed in a special holder called a monstrance.  This sits on our church’s altar throughout the weekend.  Parish members are encouraged to unite in a prayer vigil to pray and worship Jesus continually throughout the days the Eucharist is exposed. Jesus asked his disciples and he asks us “Could you not watch just one hour with Me?”

How does one spend time before the exposed Blessed Sacrament? – During the period of adoration one may pray in quiet or you may bring in your own prayer books or pray the rosary. It is important to remember that the Eucharist is the “Real Presence” of Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.  Be quiet and listen, too, because God wants to speak to your heart.  If words of admiration do not come to you, use the words of some familiar prayers or just sit and say nothing simply keeping Him company, just as you would with a dear friend.

We cannot leave the Eucharist alone.  Pacelli classes may come and go, and parishioners will stop in to visit the Blessed Sacrament; but we need Guardians of the Eucharist to commit to being present at dates/times of their choosing.  Please sign up to be a Guardian of the Eucharist HERE

Ideas for Ways to Spend Your Time in Adoration

  • Slowly read Scripture until something hits you.
  • Thank Mary for her role in bringing us the sacred body of Jesus.
  • Tell Jesus something that made you happy, what you’re afraid of, or what angers you. Then listen.
  • Tell Jesus about your loved ones.
  • Pray for an enemy.
  • Talk with Jesus about your work.
  • Tell Jesus you love Him.
  • Tell Jesus your failures, ask for help, then listen.
  • Slowly pray the Our Father or Hail Mary
  • Pray the Rosary–whether you pray 15 decades, 5 decades, or 1 decade.
  • Bask in graces radiating from the monstrance.
  • Tell Jesus, “Jesus, I trust in you; strengthen my trust.”
  • Pray for the pope.
  • Pray for vocations.
  • Pray for our priests and religious.
  • Pray for Cardinal Pacelli and our teachers and administrators.
  • Make a list of your gifts and then thank God for each one of them.
  • Pray for the world.
  • Slowly recite the Beatitudes.
  • Enjoy just being in Jesus’ presence.
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