The sacristan ministry is commissioned by the St. Ann Sodality and provides a vital service to the faith community by doing all those things necessary to keep the sanctuary and sacristy clean and orderly. The sacristans are responsible for seeing to it that the sacred vessels, vestments, robes, décor including banners and altar cloths, sanctuary and sacristy are clean and coordinated with the liturgical season.

The sacristans order and maintain the wine, bread, candles, incense, charcoal, palms and all the supplies necessary for the liturgy. The majority of the supplies are funded by the St. Ann Sodality.

The sacristans clean the sanctuary, Blessed Virgin Mary Altar and Baptismal font areas as well as the sacristy at least once a week.

In addition to hanging the standard liturgical banners, the sacristans hang the special banners for Advent and Lent, and assemble the Advent wreath.

A major effort on the part of sacristans includes ordering, arranging and maintaining the flowers, especially during the Christmas and Easter seasons. Parishioners are asked to contribute to flower funds through the St. Ann Sodality for these special seasons.

Sacristans change and maintain the missalettes and music books.

The liturgical linens and an understanding of the proper procedures for laundering them are another important service provided by the sacristans.

Traits possessed by sacristans include knowledge of liturgical terms and documents, always being conscious of small details, and taking the initiative to do whatever is needed to ensure that the liturgy takes place appropriately.

Parish Contact:  Kelly Vaugnh,

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