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The Our Lord Christ the King “MyParish App” is available to download for iPhone and Android smart phones. Stay connected with our parish throughout the week with event reminders, access to prayers, daily readings, and much more.

Click this button and then use the buttons in the upper right corner of the MyParish App website to download the FREE app to your iPhone or Android phone. It’s easy!

Learn More: View our Frequently Asked Questions page: FAQs for MyParish App



Dismiss messages by opening the message and then swiping LEFT. This will cause a red Delete button to appear. Just tap on Delete and the message will be gone.

The ‘Groups’ Feature

Join a Group: Click on the Group icon to see available groups. Anyone can join any group by clicking the people symbol from the group’s listing. You will need to wait to be approved by the group’s moderator. This could take up to 24 hours.

Create a Group: In order to start a group you will need to contact the app administrator, Alisa Fisher, at Once the group has been created, and a moderator appointed, then anyone can join. The group moderator can also invite people to join.

Messaging Within the Group: Once a group has been created the moderator can send messages, called “Discussions” within that group, which will appear as pop-up messages as long as the user has Notifications turned on in his/her phone settings. Members can reply to the discussions unless the moderator chooses to turn off this feature.

Watch this video about Using Groups
Watch this Video about Being a Group Moderator

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