We’re Building Our JuneFest 2023 Team!

Thank YOU for learning more about becoming a JuneFest Coordinator! Before you peruse the positions, please keep the following in mind:

*JuneFest will take place on Friday, June 2 and Saturday, June 3, 2023!

*If you have traditionally been involved in one of these areas and would like to continue in your role please reach out to Alisa Fisher, Communications Manager, or Rachel Worley, Business Manager.

*There will be a meeting in January for all the Coordinators. At this meeting you will receive all the details about your role. Parish staff will answer your questions.

*Do you have a friend you would like to share the role with? That’s a great arrangement too!

*If on #GivingTuesday you would prefer to make a monetary donation, then we encourage you to become a JuneFest sponsor.

Coordinator Positions with Descriptions of Main Duties

1). Sponsorship Coordinator: responsible for soliciting sponsorships based on prior years and seeking new sponsors.

2). Grand Raffle Coordinator: you will work with Cardinal Pacelli students to sell raffle tickets, procure materials, monitor turn in days, and reward students. Includes designing and procuring JuneFest t-shirts.

3). Teen/Adult Booths Coordinator: coordinate with vendor to procure games, oversee set up, and prizes/materials, and volunteers.

4). KidsFest Coordinator: coordinate with vendor to procure games, oversee set up, and prizes/materials, and volunteers. Thank you, Anne Murray!

5). Beverages Coordinator: work with vendor to procure alcohol, soda, and water for festival. Oversee beverage trailer and volunteers during festival.

6). Friday Night Coordinator: coordinate Admissions on the Friday night Adults only evening.

7). Food Coordinator: procure and coordinate food vendors, grill, food truck, ice cream truck, etc. and needed volunteers.

8). Gambling Tent Coordinator: oversee staffing, materials, and coordination of dealers during festival.

9). Signage Coordinator: ensures appropriate signs for booths and sponsors; is available the day before the festival starts to coordinate the hanging of signs.

10). Set Up and Take Down Coordinators: (ideally this is a team of 3-4 people who will work together. Although a rental company delivers booths and tables, etc. we need someone to direct the distribution of these items and then coordinate with the company to pick up after the festival is over).

11). Entertainment Coordinator: procures the Friday night band, DJ for Saturday, extras (balloons, Magic act, face painting, etc.)

12). Raffle Basket Coordinators: ideally two Pacelli moms who can coordinate with homerooms to create baskets and then oversee during the festival.
If you are Ready to Volunteer or Become a JuneFest Sponsor, please reach out to:

Alisa Fisher, Communications Manager fisher_a@olctk.org or 513-646-3954

Rachel Worley, Business Manager worley_r@olctk.org or 513-321-4121

#Thank You for Being a Giver!

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