• by Joseph Healy
    Joseph Healy We are encouraged to eat cold-blooded meat, like fish, on Fridays as a symbolic meal that participates in Christ’s victory on Good Friday.
  • by Dr. Tod Worner
    Dr. Tod Worner Making our way onto and off of the highway cloverleaf is not just a matter of data and calculations. The human factor makes it work.
  • by Fr. Billy Swan
    Fr. Billy Swan We are meant to be instruments of God’s justice in the world and the leaven in society that serves him in holiness and justice everyday.
  • by Dr. Christopher Kaczor
    Dr. Christopher Kaczor One way to be your own worst enemy is by self-defeating statements, which cannot be true because the claim being made undermines itself.
  • by Mark Bradford
    Mark Bradford Venerable Jerome Lejeune, pray for us, that we may attain your strength to stand strong in defense of life and against the culture of death.
  • by Dr. Holly Ordway
    Dr. Holly Ordway Selecting March 25 as the date for the fulfillment of Frodo's Quest demonstrates Tolkien’s faith and his masterful handling of his material.
  • by Michael Adams
    Michael Adams As white belt lessons unlock the key to progress towards the next colored belt, we unlock the key to progressing in our journey to sanctity.
  • by Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO
    Fr. Michael Casey, OCSO Qoheleth is clear that the best preparation for coping with hard times is to enjoy the moments of happiness that life offers.
  • by Mark Bradford
    Mark Bradford As we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day, please continue to pray for those whose lives are threatened by prenatal diagnosis and abortion.
  • by Justin Kalan
    Justin Kalan Prominent Protestant William Lane Craig shows in his book on the historical Adam that the Catholic claim about faith and science is quite reasonable.
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