• by Fr. Steve Grunow
    Fr. Steve Grunow The Immaculate Conception is an extraordinary gift by which God in Christ acted to save his Mother, and us, from sin and refusals to love.
  • by Justin Kalan
    Justin Kalan Cameron Bertuzzi’s conversion can offer some consolation to apologists that their work matters. God can and does use arguments and evidence to bring people to the faith.
  • by Dr. Holly Ordway
    Dr. Holly Ordway Advent is a season rich with opportunities for spiritual growth. Here are three holy habits worth considering. Why not pick one and give it a try? 
  • by Robert Mixa
    Robert Mixa Song ought to bring people together into one body. Families, schools, nations, the Church in her mystical union with God; all gather in song.
  • by Bishop Robert Barron
    Bishop Robert Barron Like David, Jesus indeed came out against Goliath, not with the weapons of the world, but “in the name of the Lord of hosts."
  • by Dr. Richard DeClue
    Dr. Richard DeClue The Eucharist truly is the sacrifice by which we share in thanksgiving for Almighty God saving us from death and giving new and eternal life.
  • by Bishop Robert Barron
    Bishop Robert Barron As we move into the spiritual space of John the Baptist and into the Advent season, we should pray, let go, and perform the works of mercy.
  • by Matthew Becklo
    Matthew Becklo There is arguably no thinker in the past century who brought more attention to victims than René Girard. The French anthropologist based his whole multidisciplinary theory of human behavior on the “victim mechanism”—the singling out and sacrificing of a scapegoat to relieve the tensions of a community in a crisis of mimetic desire. For Girard, […]
  • by The Very Reverend Dom Elias Carr
    The Very Reverend Dom Elias Carr Behind Veterans Day, we find contrasting paths to peace. We give thanks for those who sacrificed youth, health, and peace of mind to protect our liberties and our land.
  • by Dr. Matthew Petrusek
    Dr. Matthew Petrusek Ambiguous words and the misuse of language led to Socrates’s untimely death in his time. It is doing the same to us in ours.
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