• by Dr. Richard Clements
    Dr. Richard Clements A sacrifice made for the sake of love makes us holy, makes us more like God, because God is self-sacrificing, self-giving love.
  • by Dr. Daniel McInerny
    Dr. Daniel McInerny Because of their eucatastrophic endings, fairy-stories do better than any other kind of story in anticipating the Christian story.
  • by Bishop Robert Barron
    Bishop Robert Barron I hope engaging both pastoral and properly theological dimensions of the issue of inclusivity will be a key work of the Synod on Synodality.
  • by Dr. Richard DeClue
    Dr. Richard DeClue It is unlikely that Pope Francis would enact a proposal for something that has no precedence in the Church’s tradition.
  • by Mark Bradford
    Mark Bradford The exploitation of persons with disabilities has a long past, from court jesters, to circus performers, to the present.
  • by Dr. Holly Ordway
    Dr. Holly Ordway There are many books written about Tolkien, providing the opportunity to gain a fuller understanding of both him as a person and his work.
  • by Bishop Robert Barron
    Bishop Robert Barron To see what your religious life looks like when you abandon God and turn to the worship of nature, take a good look at this Apple film.
  • by Kody W. Cooper
    Kody W. Cooper Despite what childless millennials or antinatalists may say, the world is a richer and more beautiful place with children in it.
  • by Caroline Foreman
    Caroline Foreman From faith and physics to family, westerns, and chess, meet Dr. Stephen Barr, presenter of "Faith and Physics" in the Word on Fire Institute.
  • by Haley Stewart
    Haley Stewart Haley Stewart speaks with Alexi Sargeant on his new Spark children's book, "Saintly Creatures," a work inspiring heroism by faith and beauty.
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